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Blue sky coming

We helped grow a visionary idea into the world-leading automotive company, NIO, through an iconic brand identity and innovative design across experience, product, and space.

Fit for the home

We helped Kettler rethink the fitness category through a brand and product language that brings equipment into the heart of the home — by combining performance cues with the warmth of living spaces.

Proudly Fatty

We collaborated with lipid lovers Hoxton Farms to craft a sizzling new identity which puts the sustainable magic of cultivated fat right at the very top of the menu.

First class redefined

We established category-defining design by reimagining the UK carrier’s entire first class experience – from seat, to cabin, and everything in between.

A legend reborn

We revitalised a legendary luxury hotel brand through a fresh identity, intricate storytelling, and cinematic art direction.

Work-life in balance

We created a versatile work chair with Teknion that responds to shifts in working culture. It goes beyond ergonomics to enable comfort holistically for mind, body and environment – whether at home or in the office.

Meet your other half

We designed a guitar range to engage with the next generation of musicians by positioning Yamaha at the centre of their world – all while celebrating the brand’s Japanese craftsmanship and motorcycle heritage.

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We’re a proudly certified B Corp™