A journey for good

Our statement on Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability

Where we stand

Design should be for everyone, but we still have far to go. Too often, design has relied on a ‘one size fits most’ approach, that no longer serves a diverse population, and excludes too many. When we design with more than just average in mind, when we push to make a difference, it matters.

We believe a diverse team creates better design. It makes the work more thoughtful, soulful, real and original. But currently, there is a problem - the lack of diversity throughout our industry, an imbalance of minority creatives throughout the entire workforce. We know this needs to change.

Meanwhile, we know we are in the midst of a climate emergency, and that we all need to be doing more in the face of it to protect the future of our planet.

How we’re working to change things

People are at the heart of everything we do. It’s in our name. We strive to create a fairer, more inclusive and better world forpeople.

For us that is about making sure that the work we do embraces difference, is inclusive to everyone, and respects our environment. So we’re committed to work on challenging our own biases, confronting discrimination, and investing in a better future. Here are a few steps we’re taking.

How we’ll work together

When it comes to our work, we are committed to fair representation in our project output. This means that our creative work must always represent and apply to a diverse range of people. We will strive toward greater visibility for underrepresented groups of people.

While we cannot always assume that the way we see the world is the same for everyone, there are topics on which we are prepared to take a stand. Visibility and representation are important to us, and we believe they are ultimately advantageous to your business.

Similarly, finding a responsible design solution makes sense for the future of your brand as well as the planet. We will always push for the most sustainable solutions to any design brief. Our teams will go above and beyond to find you a more environmentally sound option.

Be prepared that we might challenge you. In turn, we also want to be challenged. We’re constantly learning, striving to improve step by step, led by our passion and our sense that this is the right thing to do. In choosing to work with us, we’re proud that this is a journey that we can be on together.